What is the Reproductive Freedom Act – RFA ?

The RFA is legislation (S3030 / A4848) that explicitly ensures the right to choose and expands
access to reproductive health care, such as birth control and pregnancy-related care,
including abortion for all New Jerseyans – regardless of income or zip code.

Stanton Strong is proud to be a part of Thrive NJ statewide coalition which has spent over a year
working to develop this comprehensive legislation. The primary bill sponsors are Senator Loretta
Weinberg and Assembly member Valerie Huttle.

What does the RFA specifically do?

  1. Declares that all New Jerseyans have a fundamental right to access reproductive health care, such as birth control and pregnancy-related care, including abortion and have a right to make their own health care decisions without interference by politicians.
  2. Ensures birth control is covered through insurance without copays, and that prescriptions can also be written for a full year of birth control at a time.
  3. Ensures that New Jerseyans can access abortion care through their private insurance with no out-of-pocket costs.
  4. Updates and repeals medically unnecessary, harmful regulations that regulate abortion differently from any other safe medical procedures and restrict access to care, such as preventing qualified health care providers from providing abortion care and imposing medically unnecessary limits on the types of medical settings in which an abortion can be performed.
  5. Expands a program for individuals, who are not currently eligible for Medicaid coverage due to their immigration status, to access safe, legal and affordable birth control and pregnancy-related care, including abortion.

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With the Supreme Court now fully in the hands of conservative justices (6 to 3), Roe v Wade is officially on the chopping block, and we need the Reproductive Freedom Act more than ever.

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